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Changshu Premier Tech Chronos Equipment & Engineering Co.,Ltd, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China

About Company:

Changshu Premier Tech Chronos is directly invested and fully owned by Premier Tech Chronos as an important member of the PTC world focusing in China, providing all kinds of automatic solutions for different industrial materials.

Our head office based in Canada and with offices all around the world, Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is the packaging equipment group of Premier Tech. PTC is among the largest packaging equipment manufacturers in the world and well-known in the flexible and the rigid packaging industries for its state-of-the-art packaging machines and its complete packaging lines for small-  and large-scale production. Its wide product portfolio includes solutions such as bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, case packing machines, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, stretch hooders, conveyors, etc. Moreover, PTC also offers bulk processing solutions as well as peat moss field equipment, including screening systems, mixing lines, harrows, vacuum harvesters, etc.

At PTC, people are driven by customer satisfaction. The entire team is dedicated to supporting the growth of its customers by putting their interests at the heart of daily decisions. Innovation is also a major focus for the company. In the last 25 years, the company has developed and acquired several state-of-the art technologies that are still in the lead today. With many more to come, our prime objective is to continue to meet your needs in the most creative way.”

About this job:

Achieve the sales process

  • Implement the action plan resulting from the Business Unit’s sales strategies
  • Meet with customers to present the products’ added-value
  • Perform corporate presentations demonstrating the reputation and stability of Premier Tech
  • Answer customers’ requests and technical questions
  • Develop and maintain business relationships with customers
  • Close sales in the manner predetermined by the Business Unit (agreements, contracts, price lists, negotiation, etc.)
  • Perform a rigorous follow-up with customers once sales are concluded
  • Conduct seminars and technical product demonstrations to customers


Analyze markets and entertain industry networks

  • Participate in trade shows and other commercial events
  • Conduct a market intelligence on competitors and target markets
  • Maintain relationships and develop credibility with market stakeholders: customers, competitors, suppliers, related markets
  • Develop knowledge of the market: size, key players, potential customers, trends, needs
  • Identify and target the market key players, policy makers and technical “influencers”
  • Identify the operational cost structure that influences the target customers’ decisions
  • Solicit potential customers


Plan sales strategies customized to customers

  • Prepare annual sales forecasts by customer and product
  • Evaluate the potential of a lead and adapt action plan and efforts accordingly
  • Plan and prepare for meetings with customers
  • Establish and implement promotion plans in collaboration with the marketing team

Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering


Technical competencies

  1. Organizational structure and business operation of the company
  2. Products and services of the Business Unit: technical characteristics, competitive advantages, etc.
  3. Network of the Business Unit: markets, customers, competitors, associations, related fields
  4. Norms and standards of the market (quality, safety, sanitation, etc.)
  5. Presentation of Premier Tech and its added value
  6. Relationship building skills and marketing techniques used in promotional stands
  7. Effective sales pitch of the Business Unit’s products and services
  8. Direct sales techniques
  9. Profile and personality assessment strategies to adapt attitude and speech to each client
  10. Productive open-ended questions to get the information needed from clients
  11. Effective negotiation skills
  12. Sales closing techniques
  13. Cold call techniques
  14. Use of price lists and pricing strategies according to context
  15. Standards and conditions relating to the preparation of sale agreements
Native Language: Chinese
Working Experience: above 5 years
How to apply:

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