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IMS Gear (Taicang) Co. Ltd., Taicang, China

About Company:

Ideas in motion: 150 years IMS Gear

Established in 1863, IMS Gear Enjoys reputation in the field of auto driving system all over the world. To expand Asian market and meet the customers’ requirements, IMS Gear set Taicang Business Unit in 2009. IMS Gear Taicang is mainly producing gear parts and developing, producing, assembling mechanical driving system and parts.  We provide the parts produced ourselves with related technical support and after-sale service. Like few other enterprises, IMS Gear can look back on 150 years of company history, a company history with ups and downs – shaped and written by the founder family and employees through generations.

150 years of IMS Gear stand for tradition, self-confidence and permanent change. We develop and provide specific drive solution for foreign customers. Except for the auto industry, we also lay our emphasis on the development of industry, medical technology, electric vehicles and other technology. We strictly abide by the principle of closing to customer, as it is the most important factor in success. Accordingly, we set up our own production bases in all the important markets around the world.

About this job:

In case of inquiries for new projects the Process Engineer is responsible for verifying possible manufacturing variations and for planning the resources in consideration of existing processes as well as customer and calculation specifications. This also includes the consideration of technical findings , simplicity and duplicity from processes as well as the consideration of business issues. The Process Engineer is also responsible for the cost calculation as well as for suggesting possible alternatives. Further, the Process Engineer is responsible for the selection and specification of machines, tools, measuring and test devices required for the manufacturing process.In the different operation fields the Process Engineer prepares and carries out tests or orders them to be carried out. The results have to be analyzed and documented. The Process Engineer is also responsible for modifying processes and for adjusting them according to the company requirements.

The Process Engineer contributes to carry out the failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

The Process Engineer is responsible for developing constructive process adjustments (e.g. minor automation changes) as well as for adjusting existing systems (e.g. periphery and process components) by modifying or duplicating existing functions and elements. In this case, manufacturing issues as well as environmental conditions have to be considered. Furthermore basic elements (e.g. test and measuring devices, periphery, etc.) have to be constructed.

The Process Engineer is responsible for determining the optimal operation sequence for the treatment of complex work pieces and for developing the necessary CNC-programs. Moreover the production sequences have to be simulated and programmed considering the constructive and manufacturing correlations.The Process Engineer is also responsible for adjusting the existing system controls to other program systems or to one integrated overall system according to the modified technical specifications by considering the large number of linked functions and current dependencies.

The Process Engineer is responsible for putting the manufacturing process (starting programs and machines, teaching robots, etc.) into operation and for carrying out series of tests or for having them carried out. The test results have to be documented and improvements (also in terms of construction or technical programming) have to be developed, suggested and, when applicable, implemented. Additionally sampling has to be carried out in cooperation with other departments.The Process Engineer also determines the features of machines and measuring instruments. He creates maintenance and machine adjustment plans as well as work instructions. Moreover he is responsible for training employees and for ensuring the process quality.

The Process Engineer is responsible for analyzing manufacturing problems (e.g. interruptions, quality problems), for finding out the causes and for developing corrective actions. This includes the development and implementation of measures for process optimization.

The Process Engineer makes suggestions with reference to the resources purchase. He also gets quotes on offers, brings them into agreement and if necessary arranges the purchase. Moreover he suggests the acceptance criteria for the specification document. The Process Engineer supports the equipment approval.

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent work experience
  • Computer Skills (MS Office) + CAD
  • Manufacturing experience
  • Language skills: desirable English language skill
  • Strong written and verbal communication Skills
  • Logical hands-on problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to work in metric and inch
  • Familiar with required measuring equipment
  • Thorough Statistics knowledge
  • Software development experience in industrial automation control
Working Experience: 3-5 years
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Tel: 0512-53678235

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